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Best Photos of Slovenia

In these galleries you can view a selection of my best photos of Slovenia. They include some of my favourite photos from around the country. Slovenia is a beautiful country packed with stunning views at every turn. From the beautiful Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj in the alpine north to the lovely, albeit short, coastline. Just click the relevant section to visit that particular gallery.

Photos of Lake Bled
Lake Bled is a beautiful glacial lake in northern Slovenia with an island church, cliff-top castle and picturesque mountain backdrop.

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Photos of Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj is a stunning glacial lake in a dead-end valley
surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Julian Alps.

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Photos of Saint Thomas Church
Saint Thomas church is probably one of the most famous of these views, and almost considered an iconic view among photographers. From this very special viewpoint above the Selska Valley, this little church sits on a green hill in the foreground backed by the beauty of the Kamnik Alps.

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Photos of Jamnik Church & View
Jamnik church is another one of Slovenia’s iconic views. Perched on a hill on the Jelovica Plateau with the kamnik alps and storzic mountain in the background, this little village might otherwise be passed off as just another hilltop village, if not for this amazing view.

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Photos of Ljubljana
Here you can view some of my best photos of Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Small, cosy and compact is what best describes the Slovene capital. With a population of around 288,000 and just 163 sq kms in size, it may pale in comparison to other capital cities, but therein lies its charm.

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Photos of Slovenia coast
At a little under 47 kilometres long, Slovenia’s coast may rank 7th
in the list of world’s shortest coastlines. However, like most else in this small country, it’s full of delights. It’s located on the Gulf of Trieste by the beautiful Adriatic Sea on the northern part of the Istrian Peninsula.

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Photos of Vintgar Gorge
Here you can view some of my best photos of Vintgar Gorge. Situated about 4kms from the famous Lake Bled, the 1.6 km long Vintgar gorge
has been carved through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills
by the Radovna River. The gorge ends at the Sum Waterfall.

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Photos of the Ljubljana Marshes
Here you can view some of my best photos of the Ljubljana Marshes.
It’s a stunning location to visit and photograph, especially in the morning.
when you’ll often find it covered in mist.

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