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ian middleton: photography - Online Adobe Photoshop Training + Adobe Camera RAW Editing

Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) Editing/post processing techniques - online tutor.

Adobe Photoshop Training +Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) Editing/post processing

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard professional image editing software. At first look it can seem rather overwhelming. Photoshop is an incredibly complex and powerful piece of software, but it doesn’t have to mean you need a university degree to use it.

I have been editing my photos in Adobe Photoshop since I started out in photography back in 1997. Obviously with the onset of digital and RAW photo formats, I also became well-versed with the Photoshop plugin, Adobe Camera RAW.

While Photoshop can do so much, it doesn’t mean you have to know it all. I only use a fraction of what it can do, but that is just because it is all I need.

I offer private lessons and courses for beginners online via Zoom that are customised to your exact needs. We’ll work on the things you want to know about.

What You Will Need On The Day?

You will need to have your own computer with Adobe Photoshop installed and a selection of your images to work on.


£ 25 Hourly
  • Private 1-1 Online lessons
  • lesson is tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Beginners, intermediates
  • Camera RAW editing
  • JPEG & TIFF Image editing
  • Understanding resolution & bit depth

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